Aktuální vrh/Actuall litter


V současné době nemáme žádná miminka, další vrh plánujeme na jaro 2019

we haven´t púuppies available in this moment, another litter we plan in spring 2019


pedigree of the last litter "N"

Sequins Shankill
Rosegrove Let It Be Me
Schardanell Castaspell

Ipcress sir Tomas

Lovehayne Scarlet Shage for Shardanell

Rosegrove Follow your Dream

Marjamez Machtmaker at Learmount

Golmas Gilded Rose at Rosegrove

Mathilda of the Hellacious Acres Inassicas Coriander

Chee´s Way of the World

Inassicas See Mayweed

Martha of the Hellacious Acres

Sansue Hi´Land Storm

Bows of the Hillacious Acres

CH Kind of Magic Fmous Gold
Godfashion Diesel Lamier´s See I tould You So Gatchells Man of Honour
Knegarens Madam
Endicott Jo-Anne Says Endicott KilPatric
Endicott Rose Water
Flying Heart Famous Gold Fiddle-Dee-Dee´s Morris Traveller Mulfild Lewis
Cheer´s Marzipan
Be Dream Famous Gold

Summeramba Chopin

Deborah the Dream Team